Designer Wedding Stationery


I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to create something completely bespoke for our wedding.

I can say with a completely straight face that I did my fair share when it came to planning our wedding day.

My wife, an aspiring wedding planner it turns out, would have been more than happy to take responsibility for everything. In fact, she enjoyed it so much I’m a little worried she might want to do it again! That said, I grabbed the opportunity to provide input on a number of the more creative (some might say fun) tasks, whilst leaving the boring ones to her.

One of these creative tasks was the stationery, an area well within my remit as designer of almost anything when it suits me—web, print, product, interior—you name it. Whilst the medium I generally work in is the web, I’ve done a fair bit of print design in the past, and this project caused all those esoteric terms (spreads, bleeds, slugs etc.) to come flooding back.

After a bit of research, I chose the online printing service, and the results were just what we were after. Their wide range of paper finishes and formats made them perfect for the save the date postcards, invites, dinner menus and fans (which we made at home).


If you’re interested, we chose silk paper at 350GSM with matt lamination on both sides.

Written by Greg Meek on .

Yorkshire-based digital designer & experienced manager with over 12 years in the industry.

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